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More About Dare To Dream Yorkshire Terriers

- My name is Diana Toth Horvath. We are breeding Yorkshire Terriers together with my husband, Istvan Toth, since  2008. I registered my FCI ( Fédération Cynologique Internationale ) kennel name  in 2007 : Dare To Dream Yorkshire Terrier kennel

- Regardless the short period, our archivments 2008: Dog what has been breed by us became European Winner and many others got their International Champion title finished. Our work is acknowledge all over the World, as our dogs are competing in different countries and winning important titles. We collected Champion titles from the following countries: International, European, American, Canadian, South-African Champion . In Europe my dogs are International, Austrian, German, Slovenian, Slovakian, Hungarian, Croatian, Italian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Belgium, Serbian, Romanian, Spanish, Portugalian, Sweden Champion dogs. We have many American Champion and Canadian Champion dogs. I own dog who won multiple Best In Show and Speciality Winner titles. We have sucessfully competed in European Championships and also at World Dog Shows. Last Year our dog, Lora –Pedigree name: Obsession Of Dare To Dream (breed by me);  received the Best Of Breed title over from 112 Yorkshire Terriers at the European Dogshow in Austria, Wels 2019. Our dogs results over the World: more than 100 x Champions, 15 x GrandChampions from different Countries, European Champion, 6 x American Champions, 2 x Canadian Champions, 6 x International Champions!   I am very proud of my breeding program and even happier as my work is acknowledge.

Our Story

It is our honor I got invitation for an interview to present my European Winner, home breed girl, Lora's story and my Kennel's history in The Global Yorkshire Terrier Magazin (USA) in issue August 2019.

You can find here the link of the magazin

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